Iran says it has developed a Hypersonic Missile: AP

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Amirali Hajizadeh, the commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards aerospace unit, revealed Thursday that Iran has developed a hypersonic missile that can penetrate all defenses.

On the sidelines of the 11th anniversary of the death of General Hassan Tehrani Moghadam, Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the IRGC Aerospace Force, told Fars news agency’s political group that Iran has developed a new hypersonic ballistic missile to counter air-defense shields, according to the reporter.

He added: This missile is able to pass through all missile defense systems and I don’t think that technology will be found that can deal with it for decades. This missile targets the enemy’s anti-missile systems and is a big generational leap in the field of missiles.

According to the Commander of the IRGC Aerospace Force, referring to the events of the past month: Naturally, our enemies are standing in front of our nation and system, and we must be prepared to fight in all fields, which they call a combined war.

The enemies are seeking to stop us from advancing in security, economics, and politics, as well as in this cognitive war that is today a massive psychological operation against our nation.

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