Conditions for Russia to launch Nuclear Weapons

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According to “III. Conditions for the transition of the Russian Federation
to the use of nuclear weapons”. In the case of nuclear weapons and/or other types of weapons of mass destruction being used against the Russian Federation and/or its allies, the Russian Federation reserves the right to use its nuclear weapons, as well as when conventional weapons are used against the Russian Federation when the state’s existence is threatened by aggression.

Further, it was stated that the Russian Federation’s President held the authority to decide whether to use nuclear weapons.

Factors determining whether the Russian Federation can use nuclear weapons:

  • Reliable information about the launch of ballistic missiles against Russian territory or its allies.
  • Nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction are being used by an enemy on Russian territory or its allies.
  • The involvement of the enemy in critical state or military facilities of the Russian Federation, which if disabled, will disrupt nuclear forces’ response actions.
  • The use of conventional weapons against the Russian Federation threatens the existence of the state.

A Russian president may, if necessary, inform other states’ military-political leaders (or) international organizations that the Russian Federation is prepared to use nuclear weapons or has made a decision to use them, as well as the fact that they have used them.

Conditions for Russia to launch Nuclear Weapons

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